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We’re Grande Prairie’s only provider that offers & delivers 4 types of water! Whether it’s residential or commercial… Water Express will deliver. That goes for Ice too!

We offer a bottle swap program & bulk pricing.*

*on accepted bottles only

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blk water

New Product - BLK Water

blk. ORIGINAL Alkaline pH 8.0+ For those who like it straight up! A smooth and refreshing blend of fulvic trace minerals, hydration and electrolytes. Our blend of trace minerals is what gives blk. its’ distinct black color. With benefits for an active life and the purity of water, blk. is the next step in the evolution of water. Defy expectations with blk. Enjoy the Dark Side. Zero calories, sugars, caffeine, flavoring or dyes. Purified water infused with trace minerals. That’s it!
Distilled Water Bottle

Distilled Water

Blue Cap, 3gal or 5gal

Purest water. All minerals have been removed. Can be used for: medical, labs, canning and cleaning.
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Spring Water

Blue Cap, 5gal

Natural Spring Water is very tasty compared to tap water. Full of the Earths energy, clean and pure.
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Alkaline Water

Red Cap, 3gal or 5gal

Healthy water made better. Help regulate your acidity and control negative effects from stress and our daily lives.
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Reverse Osmosis

White Cap, 3gal or 5gal

Drinking water with potentially harmful compounds removed. Tastes great.
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Pure Ice

8lb Bag
Pure block Ice. High quality made with filtered RO water. A condensed cube, it won’t melt as quickly as others

buy 10 get one free punch card

Punch Card Savings

Buy 10 of RO, Alkaline or distilled and we will give you 1 for free
Buy 20 of RO, Alkaline or distilled and we will give you 3 for free

Just come and swap your bottles every time for new clean ones.
*Prepaid, Instore pick up only, Spring Water not included.*

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label bottle

Custom Labeled Water Bottles

(500ml and 296ml)

Whether you are looking to expand your brand with a private label, go green with our biodegradable bottle, or simply provide your clients with a refreshing alternative to alcoholic or sugary drinks – we have a product for you.

Water Express is now proud to offer you an extensive product line to ensure you find the perfect bottled water product for your business.

Multiple bottle types and caps available. Send us your logo and artwork to: office@waterexpress.ca or call (780) 538‑9710 for more info.

  • Demineralized Water By Reverse Osmosis:
    Sales leader in bottled water segment. Popular choice with consumers – huge market demand. Impurity and chemical free with low mineral content.
  • Protected Source Water:
    Edmonton municipal supply, EL Smith Reservoir. Meets or exceeds all provincial and national requirements, including the Guidelines For Canadian Drinking Water Quality in accordance with Health Canada.
  • Multi-Barrier Process:
    Including water softening, carbon activated charcoal, micro filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, and ozonation. Rigorously tested and inspected.

What Type of Water Should I Use?

distilled water

Distilled Water

Distillation is the collection of water vapor after water has been boiled and evaporated. We distill our water through a process that pulls the minerals and impurities out of the water and leaves it in its purest form.

  • It’s the only type of water which exactly meets the definition of water: H2O
  • Naturally odourless, colourless, and tasteless.
  • Its free of virtually all inorganic minerals including salt.
  • Acts as a solvent in the body by dissolving nutrients, so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell.
  • Helps dissolve cellular waste so toxins can be removed from the body.
  • The only water that should be used for CPAP, Humidifiers, Coffee Machines, etc.

Can also be used for: Medical, laboratories, canning and cleaning purposes.

spring water

Spring Water

Sourced locally at a natural aquifer in Doe River, British Columbia.

One of the key benefits of natural spring water is that it comes from water that flows to the surface from a clean underground water source. Thus, the water is considered to be free of most contaminants typically found in drinking water. … Many people who drink spring water do so because the water has such a clean, refreshing taste that is unequaled by other waters. People generally tend to drink more water if it tastes good.

reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water

A type of water filtration that removes potentially harmful compounds from drinking water. Drinking reverse osmosis water offers some health benefits:

  • Fewer contaminants such as lead. Too much lead in your body results in increased blood pressure, reduced fertility, and nerve damage.
  • Other harmful contaminants like arsenic, nitrates and high percentages of fluoride. 
  • Taste is obviously very subjective, but RO water is usually rated as better tasting than tap water by people who directly compare the two in blind taste tests.
  • According to the National Rural Water Association, lead, iron, nitrates, sulphur-based compounds and various chemical residues often make tap water unpalatable. 
alkaline water

Alkaline Water

There are many health benefits to drinking high pH water.

Detoxify, Hydrate, Oxygenate, Alkalize and Enhance your Immune System.

We do this by putting Calcium and Magnesium back into the water through special filters. It mimics the natural dissolving of these minerals from porous rocks.

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Genie Water Pump

Genie Rechargeable Automatic Water Jug Pump

Fits 3-5 gallon water bottles (with a standard 55 mm crown neck).

Bottle Buddy

This special master kit includes 3 of the 3-pack bottle racking storage systems built to store 3 or 5 gallon water bottles. 3 connector rings included to connect the 3 systems together.

Metal Bottle Cradle

Water stand and valve perfect for consistently having accessible water, ideal for sturdy counter water dispenser taking up minimal space on countertop, replaces small electric water coolers.

Dispenser Tap

Water spout easy efficient way for dispensing from reusable plastic water bottles, water cooler spigot has super fast flow rate, water valve fits Crown Top water bottles only.

H20 cleaning kit

This excellent water treatment product can help clean odor causing bacteria from any water container, not just water cooler. Easy to follow procedure to have a clean and fresh drinking water. Odorless & Tasteless

Organo Coffee

Awaken your senses and enrich your day with Organo coffee that is as flavorful as it is invigorating.

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Grande Prairie water delivery. We deliver to: Clairmont, Sexsmith, Beaverlodge, oilfield sites camps. Business and residential delivery.

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