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Spring Water

image of water dropIt is different than tap or purified water, as it is water that comes from a natural opening in the ground and often reaches this location through many fractures in the ground.
It is absolutely clean and pure it does not contain any bacteria or chemicals. Spring Water is very tasty in comparison with tap water.
Full of the Earth energy, it’s been reported by doctors that people who drink spring water feel more cheerful and energetic. Therefore, they are more successful. It is great for your health!

Reverse Osmosis

Also known as RO, it is a type of water filtration that removes potentially harmful compounds from drinking water. Drinking reverse osmosis water offers some health benefits that include:
Fewer contaminants such as lead. Too much lead in your body results in increased blood pressure, reduced fertility, and nerve damage. Lead toxicity can also cause brain damage and anemia in children. RO systems also effectively remove other harmful contaminants like arsenic nitrates, and high percentages of fluoride. Fluoride is added to many municipal water supplies to deter cavities, although too much of it is toxic and leads to a variety of side effects.
A better taste. Taste is obviously very subjective, but RO water is usually rated as better tasting than tap water by people who directly compare the two in blind taste tests. According to the National Rural Water Association, lead, iron, nitrates, sulphur-based compounds, and various chemical residues often make tap water unpalatable. The removal of these substances by reverse osmosis can give drinking water a cleaner or fresher taste.

Distilled Water

a commercial water filtration systemWhat exactly is distilled water? Lets start by defining what distillation is. Distillation is the collection of water vapor after water has been boiled and evaporated. Distilled water tastes quite bland because the minerals, which give it flavor, have all been removed.

  1. Its water that has been turned into vapor so that its impurities are left behind. Upon condensing, it becomes pure water.
  2. Its the only type of water which meets the definition of water: hydrogen + oxygen.
  3. Its perfectly natural water.
  4. Its odorless, colorless, and tasteless.
  5. Its free of virtually all inorganic minerals including salt.
  6. Its the only natural solvent that can be taken into the body without damaging the tissue.
  7. Acts as a solvent in the body by dissolving nutrients so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell.
  8. Dissolves the cell wastes so the toxins can be removed.
  9. Dissolves inorganic mineral substances lodged in the tissues of the body so that the substances can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body.
  10. Does not leach out organic body minerals but does collect and remove the toxic inorganic minerals which have been rejected by the cells of the body and are therefore, nothing more than harmful debris obstructing the normal functions of the body.
  11. Its indeed the most ideal and beneficial water for all humans and also for animals.
  12. Leaves no residue of any kind when it enters the body.
  13. Its the most perfect water for the healthy functioning of those great sieves, the kidneys.
  14. Its the perfect liquid for the blood.
  15. Its the ideal liquid for efficient functioning of the lungs, stomach, liver and all other vital organs.
  16. Its universally accepted as the standard for biomedical applications and for drinking water purity.
  17. Its so pure that all drug prescriptions are formulated with distilled water.
  18. Its fresh, clean, and pleasing to the palate.
  19. Makes foods and drinks prepared with it taste noticeably better. The flavor is subtle enough not to interfere with the food it is mixed with.
  20. Its the only pure water left on our polluted planet!

 Alkaline Water


Come in and talk to us about trying the Alkaline Challenge!!!!